SpiritBomb is developing Monster Trainer, a shoot-them-up game in which you will be collecting and training cute monsters.
(Think of a Pokemon-ish shmup)
We have done an early alpha version with the core gameplay that we’re really excited to play with, and now we want to share it with you.
Here are some concept art and animations of some monsters in the game:
If you want to be one of the earliest players trying this game, please send us your Test Flight ID by commenting on this post or send us an email via the contact form: http://spiritbomb.co/contact/
(We haven’t got to the optimization part yet, so iPhone 5 or newer are preferred)
The first beta test program will start soon in a few days.
Please note that although we call it a “beta test”, the game is still in very early phase of development (it’s been only 3 weeks).
We are also crowdsourcing ideas for the full version of the game, so if you’ve been dreamt of something cool, let us know.
We want to add so many features and content to the game, and we are listening to your feedback and suggestions to make it one of the coolest games ever.
Stay tuned.


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